Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The shell of a clam....

....the claw of a lobster. - "Garbage" from Dear World.

And that's exactly what I ate! So I am currently in Ogunquit, Maine doing a production of The Sound of Music at The Ogunquit Playhouse. This place is AMAZING! The town is SO cute and is feet from the ocean. You must come check this place out.

So yesterday was our first day off since we've opened and a few of us decided to treat ourselves to a lobster dinner. Now our choices here are infinite, each one with it's own perk. Our ring leader, Adinah, picked the spot....Beach Plum Lobster Farm.

I was told to bring my own beverage and a side dish. We called ahead to place our order, two 2 lb. lobsters and an order of steamers (steamed clams), and we were told that it would be ready at 7:15. So load up the car with our beverages (beer...Shipyard Summer Ale...local, not too hoppy, clean and cool) and our sides. We head north on Route 1 about 10 minutes out of town and we pull over to this shack on the side of the road. Here we are....Beach Plum Lobsters. Literally a shack, gravel driveway with a few picnic tables. Most people probably order ahead, pick them, and take them home, but we wanted to full experience. We went inside, paid NOTHING for these lobsters. Up the street they are charging upward of $20/lb. Not at Beach Plum. $6.99/lb. WHAT?!?!?! Of course we're not sitting at a candle lit white linen covered table. But who cares, you're getting dirty wherever you eat it.

They called our name and I was handed a paper grocery bag that was heavy and steaming. The anticipation was killing me! I opened the bag and there they were...2 big red lobsters just waiting for us and a styrofoam take out container with our steamers. Because I am one of those weird eaters that likes to eat one thing at a time, I decided to start with the clams first. Delicious little jewels of the sea. Not too fishy and steamed perfectly!

Time for the lobster. I was a little intimidated but I went in with confidence and some coaching from Adinah. I think that this was my first time doing the lobster start to finish. I had the tools in my hand, the butter ready to go and in I went. It was DELICIOUS! Totally worth every squirt of lobster water that landed on me and the struggle to get through that shell. I feel pretty confident in saying that this was the best lobster I have ever had, but have to admit that I do not have much history with this crustacean.

I think doing lobster the dirty way is much better. Like I said earlier, I would have gotten just as messy.

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